Our Cthulu Drinks Menu Returns!

It’s that time of year again! 

We are delighted to announce that our festive drinks range has returned! Now you can celebrate the anniversary of our Dark Lord Cthulu’s uprising with a yummy beverage. And, as always, we will switch all of our cups to the traditional green and black.

Keep an eye out for some tasty treats to celebrate his unholiness, prepared in store by real cultists- so delicious they will drive you insane! 

Rasberry R'lyeh Frappucinno

Now you can walk the streets of R'lyeh with our Frappucino inspired by the lost city! From the seeping ooze of the cream to the very bowels of the raspberry sauce, you won’t understand why Cthulu left such a such a tasty beverage behind!

Cthulu-spawn Cinnamon Latte

What’s that sliding out of the coffee machine? The very denizens of hell themselves? No, it’s our spawn-inspired Cinammon Latte, so spicy it will feel like teeth clutching at the back of the neck!

Black Ichor Forest Gateau

We’ll never know if the blood of real Cthulu spawn is hot or cold- nobody has ever lived to tell the tale! But with this hot favourite mixing all the wonder of chocolate cake the blood of the unholy, you won’t care! 

Mint Hot Chocolate Tentacle Madness

It’s like coming face to face with Cthulu himself! All the terror of the Dark Lord’s tentacles with a refreshing hit of mint along the way, the darkest winter evening is made palatable for a few seconds before your inevitable demise. 

Get them quick! Don’t forget these drinks are only available until the next full moon, or until our Dark Lord decides to bring the Apocalypse-Who knows how long we have left! All hail Cthulu!