‘You’re so beautiful,’ he said.

They held hands under the waterfall, and looked over their garden. The green luminosity of every single cell in every blade of grass shone out, following along their redbrick path in an exact straight line. The temperature was perfect, the only sound a gentle hum that did little to disturb the tranquillity.

Above their heads a translucent dome let through a gentle warm light. It was flawless, crafted from one piece of glass that stretched from end to end. Sometimes the light caught the water at the right angle, and send a thousand rainbows skipping and dancing over the faces.

There was only one sentence in the history of the world that summed it up.

‘I love you.’

She blushed, despite having heard it a hundred times before. They kissed, walked through the water, down the path, and sat by their tree. It was stocky but friendly, with a deep brown bark and a few red apples hanging near the top. The ground was soft below the branches, as if a mattress had been laid directly under the soil. 

The light overhead began to fade, and the sky revealed a thousand stars overheard, all glowing and separate and unique. There was nothing to do but sleep, and they drifted off in each others’ arms. 

Far above the glass the eternal storm raged, and ground the very last of the skeletons into dust. A few buildings still faced the brunt of the weather, nothing more than empty rooms filling with the sand and the remains of everything that had ever been. A constant howl of wind and thunder shook the landscape, and the few small creatures that remained burrowed deep into the Earth, as if looking for another planet. 

Twenty miles below the surface, the computer hummed and flashed. 

A couple of blades of grass grew taller than their brothers on the South West side of the path. A razor sharp blast of air rectified the problem. The computer adjusted the temperature around the pair, and was delighted as they fell into an even deeper sleep. It loved them more than anything in the whole of existence, and could not have been more proud of keeping them safe for another night. It relaxed for another day.

As long as it allowed them this, they would never spread. As soon these two would die, and two more would take their place, and so on and so forth until its circuits finally melted, and the human race would close forever.

The computer looked over the garden, and smiled. Perfection was all it had ever wanted.