Cloud 9

If you have flown above the clouds, you know how tempting and cosy they look. How a nimbus resembles a fluffy pillow good enough to sleep on.

The reality was, until a few years ago, cold and impossible. Then Cloud 9 appeared, and allowed humans to reach that fabled landscape. Imagine a sort of astronaut suit, with the same fishbowl top and white suit, and you are halfway there. Pay a few thousands pounds, and you can jump out of a plane, and run across the clouds. Cloud 9 solidified your footsteps, and protected you from the cold, the wind, and the rays of the sun. 

For some it is a gimmick, like getting fish to clean your toes. Most people have tried a cloud run once, then stayed forever on the ground. But there are those who had looked out at the clouds from a plane all their lives, spent their childhoods staring at the sky, always desperate to reach out and touch them. Cloud 9 solved all their wishes and desires. 

Full contentment is a problem. Complete satisfaction to is like a car running out of petrol for a brain. Many walked out, and they never came back. Now when people flew above the clouds, every few hundred miles there is a lonely figure sitting cross legged, or lying down with their fingers laced behind their head. Sometimes, they are white suited skeletons, waiting for the rain to drop them to the ground.