Bonus Tracks

CD singles are long gone. But their format was novel and unique. 

You got the hit track that you wanted, and then two or three weird songs dragging along after them. At Christmas you might get a track with the band singing a naff seasonal song, or a remix with sleigh bells knackering the chorus. Maybe there would be a cover of the lead singer’s favourite anthem, perhaps with a discussion with about chocolate biscuits with a backbeat underneath.

Whatever their content, these tracks never went on a full album release. And now the CD single is obsolete, hundreds of these weird tracks, the vast majority of which are not very good, have disappeared. 

So you have to ask- what was the point in the first place?

It cannot be a money saver, as making this rubbish music costs more in the first place. You can argue that these exclusive tracks gave fans a reason to buy the single along with the album, but you could achieve the same result with limited edition posters and key rings. 

The answer is there for you to find. You have to break the tracks down a bit. This is easy with modern editing software. Pull the different sections apart, and swap the words of the lyrics around. You will make hours of nonsensical jargon, but with enough determination the message will appear.

The bonus tracks describe a flattened planet made of the sea, that spins around in a never ending rotating disc. Below the waves are monsters with many tentacles, clawing at beaches made of solid gold. One message that is abundant is the phrase ‘meet us here’ followed by a repeating set of numbers.

This is where the trail ends. We don’t know who puts these messages in, if they are put in at all. But don’t forget that although nobody produces new copies of these CDs, they are available second hand. And although there are thousands, there is now a finite amount of information. You can collect them all. 

Track them down, no matter how long it takes. Rip them apart, and put them back together. Because somewhere out there is the answer to decoding the number, and reaching those golden sands.