The Possibilities Are Endless

You may have noticed that all this talk about climate change and kicked off about the same time that we started recycling. Naturally, you might have assumed that this current focus of reusing whatever we can is result of increasing temperature and increasingly erratic weather. We have all been told again and again about how recycling will save the planet. Some places even fine you if you do not use the right coloured bins. 

But I am afraid it the other way round. Recycling caused climate change in the first place. It is all down to the Japanese concept of Tskukumogami. 

Let me explain.

Tskukumogami are the spirits of objects that have been around for over a hundred years. This means your spatula, toaster and calculator will, in time, contain what we in the west might consider a ghost. There are good spirits and bad spirits of course. This is where the myth of ‘cursed’ objects come from. Some banal household items really are out to get you. 

This is where the problem arises. What happens to these spirits when their object gets recycled? 

This does not matter when the friendly ghosts of a Victorian fire grate makes a new start as a television. But when an angry evil puppet turns into two hundred polystyrene cups, bad vibes spread across the world, and hot coffee spills down two hundred crisp white shirts.

Every pencil case made from an satanic CD, or bin liner made from despicable milk spread, spreads hate across the continents. Our Earth knows this, and uses storms, droughts, floods and more to wipe those spirits out. The ocean is full of tin cans because salt water drowns the ghosts.

But we keep our recycling plants going, pushing out demons on a conveyor belt. How long can this last before Mother Nature decides the only way to stop the objects is to end the makers? 

So please think twice before you recycle.