The Spaghetti Sea

Something very familiar can have facets you never knew existed. There are stories of people moving a piece of furniture, and finding doors to hidden rooms in a house they had lived in for twenty years. 

This applies to your garden as well. Your lawn is made of many as different plants as people in a small town. Add in the insects, and you reach a city. Add the microbes, and the number dwarfs the world’s population before you even reach the fence. Pull up the plants, and you will get a handful of roots. There is a whole world under the surface, and here the amount of life is almost infinite. 

So far, so uncontroversial. But there will be the odd plant that resists your tugging. It will be like trying to pull up a tree stump. Keep tugging. Remove a root that strong, and you will create a hole big enough to jump in. 

If you do, you might end up in a big pile of dirt. But there is a possibility you will enter the Spaghetti Sea. 

The Spaghetti Sea is what happens when generations pull up these giant roots. You can through the created tunnels, and the cities, forests and mountains will be above your head. Some are so old that empty tin cans from the Second World War litter the dirt. Visit if you want. The Spaghetti Sea is complex, and some of these roots once grew very large indeed. There are people who have wandered down there for twenty years.

There is no shame in fear. In deciding this place is not for you. Nobody would not walk to the centre of the Amazon Delta. But never forget the wonder. Just like the ocean, where you cannot begin to comprehend the plethora of diversity under the waves. Remember that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, underneath are those that walk the tunnels of the Spaghetti Sea.