The Umbrella Salesman

Whatever is happening in your life, do not despair.

Out there is a planet which is one big city all the way round. And it is nearly always raining. So being an umbrella salesman is a big part of the economy. This planet has had a revolution in umbrella technology. You can get umbrellas so light they balance on the tip of your finger. Some keep the rain off for a five foot radius, guaranteed. Others will tell you the time, and when your next appointment is. 

However, The Umbrella Salesman thinks his are better than all of the others. Although his umbrellas work no better at keeping the rain off than ours on Earth, each one is illustrated with a different animal, painted black on gold. Something we might recognise as a deer, or a tiger, or horses with tentacles as well as legs.

The fundamental difference is when you open the Umbrella Salesman’s umbrellas, and head off under thundering rain from asphalt clouds, the animals move. They trot, canter or gallop dependent on the strength of the water from above. 

It is a treat for those staring from the thousands of flats above. From their steam coated windows, the people watch the Umbrella Salesman’s animals rolling round in forever circles, refusing to believe that misery is the answer to that storms. 

There are thousands of vendors. Some sell umbrellas that glow in the dark, or play tunes only you can hear. Some let you watch your greatest moment in a constant montage. But the ones with moving animals are my favourite. 

So this is why you should never despair. Because as I said, it is always raining on this planet. So no matter what is going on in your day, the Umbrella Salesman’s animals are dancing.