There is a lot of evidence that your stress levels go up rather than down when on holiday. What is meant to be the most relaxing part of the year brings more upheaval than your normal routine.

We realised the problem is the worry of all the potential things that can go wrong. That you will miss your flight, your hotel won’t have a record of your booking, or you will forget your passport. All that pressure of the unknown tomorrow, ruining today. 

Which is why Timeshare holidays became so popular. Before you even set off, we can guarantee everything will be OK. 

Our team have researched the last forty years, and discovered which hotel rooms across the world were empty and clean. We have explored which days had perfect sunshine on the beaches in Italy, or when the snow was perfect for skiing in the mountains of California. We only offer the days without first aid reports, without calls to the police, ambulance or fire. We know you will have a good time, because your holiday has already happened. 

To be clear, this is not about nostalgia. We will not take you back to the Wild West, where you could get shot, or end up with a bad case of dysentery. Go back more than forty years, and your accent, language, and acceptance of certain social norms will get you in a lot of trouble. And quite frankly, the records are not good enough to check nothing awful occurred. 

We are not after thrill-seekers. Our focus is relaxation through absolute peace of mind. One of our most popular holidays is to caravans in North Wales in the mid-nineties, when the weather is overcast, and slightly drizzly.

I know this does not sound like a dream holiday, but you can lie back in your travel home and know that everything was OK. It is already a matter of fact. You can sleep easy knowing tomorrow was a good day. 

Let us take you on a trip to the past. Because we already know you had a lovely time, guaranteed.