Drink #1: Parsniphead

 I am uncertain about posting this first drink. But it is one of our biggest sellers, and we serve them in the skull glasses. I am just as much to blame.

This is the Parnsiphead shot you can find across most of the known universe. The concept is a combination of lots of different plants, with a sting underneath. And maybe the creamy layer on top looks like a brain?

I’m still unsure about posting this.



Make sure you use a 75ml shot glass. Skull shaped if possible.


15ml Cointreau

15ml Brandy

20ml Grenadine

25ml Coconut Milk


There’s not much sophistication here. Start with the alcohol, pour the Grenadine in next, and then top with Coconut milk. Drink, enjoy yourself, but don’t forget the origin of the name.