Drink #3: The Constant War

Today’s cocktail is inspired by the story of the vine weed planet. It was originally going to be a simple gin and tonic, with a load of thyme whacked on top. However this ended up a bit gimmicky. Please don’t forget this tip though. A big heap of thyme on a G&T will reveal a whole new side to a classic.

Instead The Constant War deconstructs this story. It’s a refreshing drink for a warm Spring afternoon, with green fruity flavours all the way through. Be warned. Deep within that greenery is a bitter sting.


Old Fashioned Glass



25ml shot lime cordial

50ml shots gin

25ml shot vermouth bianco

Sparking apple juice


Add the cordial, gin and vermouth to an old fashioned glass. Top up with sparkling apple juice. Garnish with one slice of green apple, and one slice of cucumber.