Drink #4: Rotten Grain

This week we have a brand new cocktail. One that to my knowledge only two people in the universe have drunk. 

We themed the beverage around those seven heads in the grain. The guy who popped in for a single glass of wine? That turned into a whole bottle. Then two more. I matched him drink for drink We chatted more about my blog, and he suggested we make a cocktail to make the occasion.

This may not be my best work. The photo below is a much neater version of the ones we made that night. My original lime slices were ragged, and tapered at one end. But it’s surprisingly drinkable considering the mess we were in.

How unprofessional.



Margarita Glass



50ml whisky

25ml elderflower cordial

25ml vermouth Bianco

1 lime



Mix the whisky, elderflower cordial, vermouth, and the juice of one lime into  shaker with ice. Shake, and strain into a margarita glass with a salted rime. Garnish with a slice of lime.

Think how lucky you are to have the whisky in the glass, and that it doesn’t turn you into the undead.