Drink #6: The Butter Mouse

This month’s cocktail is a celebration. You may think it looks goofy, but we smash these out. I have to order bananas on a weekly basis, and we’ve switched to fake coconut shells to keep up with demand. There’s been times when we’ve had issues with the electricity, and put the back up generator on just to keep the ice going for these. The whirr of the blender is a common sight behind the bar.

My Grandmother created this drink for two reasons. Firstly as a tribute to the Butter Mice, and to give them something they can relax with when off duty. It’s turned out to be a lot more popular with passers by, but never mind.

Secondly she made the drink for me. You only need to swap the rum and liquor for fruit juice to turn this into a kid's party favourite, and I went crazy for the dolphin (use cloves/ cinnamon sticks for the eyes, and blueberries for the ball). The overriding snapshot of my childhood is sitting under a tree, the straw balanced across my hook, sipping away and not giving a damn about the parsnipheads.

Honestly, it’s a good one. There’s a nice boozy kick to keep it adult, but at the same time it’s ice cold and very yummy. Enjoy it as a tribute to those protecting the universe.

Thanks Grandma.


Coconut husk/glass


25ml coconut rum

50ml banana liquor

One and half bananas (use the other half for the dolphin)

Ice (five cubes)

Dollop of whipped cream

1tsp sugar


Mix the rum, liquor, banana, cream and ice together, and blend. You want the consistency to be fairly loose, but not too watery, like a syrup. Add the sugar, and gently stir in so there is bit of crunch.

Garnish with a banana dolphin, and think of good times when you drink.