Drink #7: Copper Coffee

I’ve designed this cocktail based on two stories this month. Firstly, it adds a luxury to breakfast, much like the tourists we had in. Also, a lot of people have told me that Parsnip juice is similar in taste to brandy, so I wanted to highlight what real brandy can do.

Be warned. This is a special treat, one I recommend at breakfast when you don’t have much to do for the rest of the day. It will pick you up and knock you down at the same time. I recommend serving this something like huevos rancheros with a hot sauce. Clear your diary.


Copper Mug


400ml Cold Coffee

100 ml Milk

75ml Brandy

Dash of bitters

Two spoonfuls of crushed hazelnuts

Square of milk chocolate


Mix the coffee, brandy, hazelnuts and chocolate. Pour in the milk, and blend the mixture for twenty seconds. The mixture will separate to a layer of cream on top. Fold with a teaspoon, add the bitters, then immediately pour into a copper mug.