Drink #9: Late Afternoon Tea

This cocktail bridges the gap between autumn and summer. The traffic on Buber is quietening down, and I wanted a drink to mark the change in footfall.  

Imagine a blend of a warming hot toddy, with the refreshment of a posh afternoon tea. Fruity but bracing, drink when the evenings roll in, but there is still warmth in the air.  

Apologies for two brandy cocktails in three months. This will wash away the final stain of parsnip juice. 




50ml Brandy

75 ml Apple juice (hot)

1 Tbsp Honey

Hot water

Pinch of cinnamon

Dash of bitters

Slice of orange 


Mix the brandy and honey together and apple juice together, and heat until warm. Pour into a teacup, and top up boiling water if needed (you should only need a drop). Add the cinnamon and bitters, and stir until the honey dissolves. Squeeze in the slice of orange. Enjoy on a veranda.