A Year In Nadada: Week Thirteen- Kurt Moore

Its interview time again!

I struck lucky with an audience member yesterday. Kurt Moore, the member of staff who organises the shape shifting of The Kandinsky. He agreed to meet us in his office for a brief interview on how our vessel changes with such ease.

Kurt wears the same badge as Lisa. He sits at a huge desk, with lots of different drawers on the top. When I asked him what was inside, he pointed out the window, at one of the tentacles wrapping rotund the trees, and laughed.

As with last time, The Butter Mouse led the interview. She was more animated this time, although I swear I didn’t do anything different. A lot of the movements I make with her are becoming automatic.

Kurt not only responded to a puppet interviewer with absolute gusto, but referred to her as ‘Mr Butter Mouse’ throughout despite this being the wrong name and gender.

TBM: So Kurt, why does the boat have to keep changing all the time? Couldn’t we turn into a plane and fly over the whole thing?

KM: Well Mr Butter Mouse, The Kandinsky’s main selling point is the way that we change. We never have to focus on the practicalities of travel, and can give the customers whatever they want.  You can take a flight somewhere, then scuba dive some of the way, then crawl through the trees like a monkey, without leaving your room.

TBM: But how does it work?

KM: Mr Butter Mouse, how does anything work out here? If you are going to challenge that, you are never going to get out of your front door. I can tell you about my role at least. Whenever the need takes us to change, I go to my drawers.

::At this point Kurt opened one the drawers, and pulled out a bat made of stone::

KM: Changing the ship is easy. But getting the shape right is very important. You can’t have a fox swimming underwater now can we? Although I suppose that might work. I keep models of all our different vehicles in here, so we have a nice plan of what to do next. A few hours before we are scheduled to change, and I take one out, examine the design, and boom, off we go.

TBM: Can’t you take a picture or something? Why do you need a load of stupid hidden statues?

::Like last time, after this question I worried that Kurt would end the interview there. But once again a Nadadian took our ribbing in good humour::

KM: For the art, Mr Butter Mouse, the art! You cannot turn a picture around, and see the other side. A wooden model doesn’t have the required heft. With these on our side, we can trek the mountains and cut through the jungles with gusto.

::A pause::

TBM: They are still just bits of rock though, aren’t they?

KM: Out here, Mr Butter Mouse, nothing is just rock.

He really did say that last line.

Thanks Kurt. Don’t forget that The Butter Mouse is a girl. And a puppet.

We crawled past a cave today with rainbow striped insects. How much more woods is there to go?