A Year In Nadada: Week Twenty Eight- Reflections and Cisterns

I am writing this in a club toilet.

The bowl is cracked, and graffiti covers every filthy wall, even if the slogans discusses classical text and the history of Germany. The cistern hasn’t got any water in, only more confetti and party string.

But this toilet is the only place The Butter Mouse and I can sit down and get our blog done. Life since we left the stage has been crazy. I thought we would be out of Duchamp quicker than this.

I’ll be honest, we are completely lost. But whilst I think about what to do next, let’s look back to leaving the stage.

I’ve no idea if the building moved, or if the world moved, but when we walked back outside a surburban pavement littered with confetti and party string had replaced the tents. Street lamps cast an orange glow over terraced houses, all a uniform two stories tall. The banging of a festival stage still tweaked the air, and the moon was nowhere to be seen. If anyone was awake, they sat in the dark with their windows closed. So it went, all the way down the street.

Except for one.

The friendly glow of a lightbulb shone through an open front door on the right hand side. I caught a glimpse of a couple, hand in hand, walking inside. The Butter Mouse tugged on my arm to follow them. I wouldn't usually wander into someone’s home, and invite myself in, but there was nowhere else to go. In every window we passed our faces blended together, moving in and out of each other until they  were white floating shapes.

Walking down that street made my stomach burn. I think I understand Nadada, or at least get a grasp of the basic rules, but then I go somewhere else, and everything changes. But this street in Duchamp was the first time I thought we might be in danger. We only came here to tell jokes.  

Writing this feels like it has taken hours. But maybe I’ve just started.

But I have lost all concept of time, so maybe I’ve just started. 

I’ll get to what happened in the house, and how we ended up in the club next time. But The Butter Mouse and I need to rest, and work out what to do next. 

But I have lost all concept of time, so maybe I’ve just started.