A Year In Nadada: Week Thirty Five- Mirror Writing

The Kandinsky appeared in the form of a giant squid with rainbow skin. We clambered on board through the tip of a tentacle, and the vessel dived below the waves to the very depths of the ocean.

Yadda yadda yadda. You are bored of this now. 

We are back in our cabin. The Butter Mouse stares into a mirror, detached from mr wrist, and devoid of life. For now.

Below is the transcript of what happened earlier. To confirm, MBT is me asking a question to my puppet, and TBM (The Butter Mouse) is the puppet answering back. It ended up being a three way conversation between the puppet, my mind, and my voice. The mirror was not needed. This conversation either took place in my head, or took place in the room, or somewhere in between.

Make sense? Good. This is probably not even the weirdest thing that has happened in this tentacle tonight.

MBT: Hello?

TBM: ...

MBT: Hello?

TBM: ...

MBT: I know you are there. I’ll keep trying until you answer.

TBM: Buzz off. I need to sleep after yesterday’s gig.

MBT: That’s what I wanted to talk about.

TBM: Thank you, you are too kind.

MBT: No...I mean you performed without me.

TBM: What? You fell asleep! How unprofessional is that? And you are angry at me? 

MBT: You are not listening. I mean how did you perform without me?

TBM: Someone needs to work on their ego. You woke me up! All of this stems from you. Our act stemmed from you. You then travel to a land which harnesses and magnifies your talent, and then  wonder why I am running around cracking jokes?

MBT: ...I guess that makes sense.

TBM: Have you not wondered why you are not freaking out about this? It’s all part of the package of Nadada. All part of the fun. We should have had this conversation months ago.

MBT: Where do we go from here?

TBM: Up. This is our chance to push the act. We can be the first ventriloquist act to ditch the arm, and do cartwheels. This is our moment to shine.

I took the mirror away after that.

What will happen when we go back  to the surface? Is she going to flop back into a piece of cloth and plastic? Or keep on running?

Not to worry. We’ve got four months left, and if anything we are going deeper and deeper, far beyond where Australia or the South Poles should be. 

Seconds before we dive into the water.   

Seconds before we dive into the water.