A long time ago, Kyla had read an article about how ancient Egyptians had used something similar to a fluffy towel after bathing. Although centuries separated us from them, there is link back across time, across all humans, that we all enjoy soft, warm fabrics. 

Even here on Phobos, Kyla understood that connection. She lay in her bed under crisp bedsheets, so good at keeping her snug. 

Her Imagination Bear watered the plants around her with a paw sized watering can, and their petals swivelled towards him in pleasure. 

‘Nearly there,’ he said.

'Thank you,’ Kyla replied, and coughed up something black and tarry.

The Imagination Bear dropped his watering can, and hopped into the bed next to her. The flowers turned to face them, wide and triangular and red, their scent light and fragrant. 

'It’ll take about ten minutes,’ he says. 'Is that going to be long enough?’

'That will be fine.’ 

The monitor blinked off with a flick of her eyes, and the hard pipe that pressed into her back slid away, Her sheets were softer than ever. 

Within ten minutes they were space pilots, and Kyla’s tiny flat was their rocket, shooting them home to Earth. Without moving the building shot off the surface of the moon. They were amongst the stars again. Even now this journey usually took weeks, but for them, Phobos was gone, and Earth was already a little blue dot.

The Imagination Bear wasn’t sure how much Kyla recognised at this point. Her breathing was certainly slower. But he was certain that she knew she was going home. A battered old paw touch her hand. He had planned this for a long time.