Watch the video again, even if you have watched it a hundred times before. Ignore the end credits. This is a bootlegged copy claiming some of the footage is shot in Japan, a theory disproved ten times over. This clip was uploaded five times a week, every week for two years to a YouTube account named cvuufsnpvtf.

It is this frequent uploading that got it some attention in the first place. Who was this person, and why did they upload the same video again and again? Inevitably there were those with enough spare time to examine every frame. Cvuusers (as the became known) identified in days that half the footage as Bristol Zoo in the South West of England. But the other half, containing jellyfish and whale sharks in huge containers, did not match any institution across the globe. No zoo, aqua park or conservation centre could be identified.

There was talk of a secret military base, or a privately funded science lab. People claimed some of those fish had human eyes. Those with physics degrees and jobs in engineering pointed out that light bent in mysterious ways, and that the buildings shouldn’t be able to stay standing. Others said the penguins’ feathers went the wrong way. Sound engineers cut the sound file to the shreds, and found that although the same music played through the whole clips, there was a ringing noise in the unknown clip that was unidentifiable. Video artists soon pointed out that although clearly the footage was shot on two different devices, this was just the start of the intrigue.

There were all sorts of digital errors that made the file unplayable outside the original upload, and impossible to recreate. A few months in, a lot of serious people in serious positions in serious companies said this footage was from another world.

Although nothing has still been proven, the newspapers ran with that, and everything exploded to where we are today. Why there are so many bootlegs, and why there are hymns written to the tune of the music, and mosaics of every shot created from fragments of Florentine tile. But for all this talk of what, we still don’t know why.