Where Is Bill: Sallytations From London

I found Sally’s blog online after a bit of searching. Again, I am not referenced directly, but Bill’s disappearance happened a few days after the final entry. 

It struck me that much like Jeff and Jacob, this is another digital project that ended up going nowhere. Now this is understandable considering her boyfriends’s disappearance, but what a shame that her online journalism career vanished so soon after Bill did. 

Perhaps there is another world where Sally and Bill are still together, and her blog is a great success. Another stream of time where they roam the streets of London in the sunshine, hand in hand, filming their next adventure. 

But then considering what happened to Bill next, I don’t know if he would have picked that life. 

I feel sorry for Sally of course. Those who heard her on Jeff and Jacob will know it’s pretty heart breaking. Look at the happiness in every banal word and frame of video she posted. 

But I am here to report. 

Rather than pick and choose what to put up here from her blog, I thought I would post a link to everything below, so you can explore it for yourself.