Left To Right


That is the first word in one of the greatest novels ever told. The prose is not oblique, and there is a clear, gripping narrative to follow. The characters are strong, and the descriptions will brand the neurones of your brain.

Only a handful of people have got past even the first sentence. 

Writing a book sideways, properly sideways, takes a great deal of effort. Some of the dimensions you have to write in do not have floors, let alone paper or pen. Some worlds have people made of cut out foam shuffling through grey corridors. I got to the third word, ‘through’, before getting lost in a jungle where the ants tower over your head.

But if you focus your efforts on discovering the next set of letters, you will discover a masterpiece that works not only as a piece of writing, but in a visual experience. The word ‘Sun’ is carved into a moon that circles planet made of diamonds. ‘Destiny’ lies at the bottom of a boiling sea, near the remains of a ruined civilization lost under seaweed and coral. 

This will be the most difficult read of your life. These are illustrations beyond illustrations, a travel guide with the trip included in the book. But those who stumble back in ripped spacesuits, two stone lighter with a full beard, tell a synopsis that is enough to make you cry. 

‘She walked through-‘ 

That is as far as I got. You have to get further.