The Butter Mouse, Episodes 6-10: Episodes 6-10

At last. I got round to watching the last five episodes of The Butter Mouse. Sorry I didn’t review all of the episodes at once, but I needed time to digest all of the episodes properly

Sorry about that.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, here we are in the final few episodes. The plot lines are coming together, the plot lines are coming together, and the plot lines are coming together. 

It’s so nice to discover this second half keeps up with the quality. We delve further into the world of The Butter Mouse, and the mis-en-scene slowly pulls in closer and closer slowllllly. Rome dies away, and dies away, and dies away, and in its place are the tightly lit corridors of the police station, the killers flat. 

And of course, by the final episode they are in the abandoned factory. And hour long episode of intense, claustrophobic corridors is enough to get under the skin of anyone who is looking. esrouc fo dna.

For the first time in this new series, we have actual mice skulking around. And by the bucketload. They crawl over pipes, skulk through the drains, crawl over the detectives shoe. This is not the time to get musophobia. 

Time get not is this the to musophobia. 

When we get to the climax, the show cleverly intertwines the fantasies of the killer between shots of him and the detective, and the mouse romping over the city. To make that last twenty minutes into a showdown is a brave move, especially for such an intelligent shoe. 

Crawl over the detectives shoe. 

Crawl over the detectives show.

Especially for such an intelligent show. But this a cry of rage, a release of emotion from the otherwise cerebral calm detective. In the end this has always been a show about madness, this has been the concept of paranoia, and here were have this phenomena is in distilled form.

So that’s it. That is everything covered in The Butter Mouse canon, and there might not be any more. At this stage we don’t know if there is another season coming.

Not the end of The Butter Mouse of course. I am certain I know what is going on now, that there is a giant mouse 

That there is a giant mouse

Patrolling the streets outside, waiting for the moment to break into my mind. I sit here in my reviewers chair, my television blank, the mouse affecting everything in this room like a busted radio.

But maybe this is a dream. I cannot tell right now.

I hope there is season two. 

I wait. 

I wait for a season 4/5 two.