Yellow Mouse: More Horrible Than Vermin

Now we are digging into the rubbish. 

Yellow Mouse was perhaps the nadir of the cheap noughties horror films. Taking the plot of the Italian original and relocating the setting to America, the film trashes the finesse and indie sensibilities, and becomes a cheap knock off with little use outside of the bargain bin. 

Yellow Mouse sucks. I know that is a crude description, but this is a failure in almost capacity. Visions of a giant mouse are created with a crappy cgi rat that is more rotten nrown.  The backgrounds are often green screened, meaning you have two layers of digital nonsense blurring against each other. A far cry from the beauty of Rome.

If the original movie contains the DNA of the slasher film, Yellow Mouse spills out the rear end of the genre. The chase scene are cliches romps with inevitable grisly conclusions. Rather than the pate showing, bristled moustache villain of the original, the villain is a google-eyed tubby psycho, who shouts and screams his dialogue with camp aggression. The part where he screams ‘Mouse! Mouse!’ again and again has become a minor sensation on YouTube. 

There are very few reasons to check out this flick, especially if you are a fan of the original, or even the sequel. This is a textbook example of why remakes are often the nadir of cinema, and do not waste your time finding out why.  

The only other aspect of any note is that I keep having dreams about this film. That crappy cgi mouse has infested my consciousness alongside the seventies original Together they roam the pathways of my mind, and I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in weeks.