The Butter Mouse, Number Two: A New Year’s Confession

Now for a confession. 

The time has come to tell you more about The Butter Mouse. With the arrival of the New Year, I will try and explain the truth.

The Butter Mouse hides in all the stories I have told so far. Sometimes you will be able to notice her straight away, and in some you have a look a little longer. But she is always be there. Because The Butter Mouse can travel anywhere and everywhere. 

This is where the stories come in. 

There is some artistic licence taken with all of them, and in the end they are all works of fiction. But there is a grain of truth in even the wildest stories, and all are sips of a different world.

You may think this is another part of the story. And in a way, that is correct. We are all part of The Butter Mouse’s tale, and she has been exploring every world since the beginning of time. 

It might be a shock to learn that there are castles in rowing machines, and that somewhere cats get married. So this year, to help you, I have dug up some others who have experienced The Butter Mouse in their lives.

This will be alongside more tales of what The Butter Mouse has seen, some of which might have happened nearby to where you are reading this right now. 

And maybe, if you keep reading, you will learn how to travel with The Butter Mouse yourself.